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This month, I thought I would take a below-the-surface look at what needs to be done to achieve transactional access to the IBM MQSeries messaging product from WebLogic Server within the context of an Xa transaction managed by WebLogic's JTA subsystem. Of course, from the outset I would like to note that WebLogic Server itself boasts a very capable and reliable messaging system - which is getting more capable with every release - but it is a fact of life that MQseries for various reasons (most predating the existence of Java, never mind the JMS messaging standard) has a large installed base, so good interoperability with it is a requirement whatever your infrastructure religion. So Tell Me the Good News Well, Okay, I will. The first piece of good news if you are looking for programmatic integration between WebLogic Server and MQ is that there is working code to ach... (more)

Programmatic Clients, Symmetry, and the Humble Ant

Picnicking during my summer holidays with my family, I was a little peeved to find that we had set up camp near an ant hill and some of them had decided to help themselves to elements of our lunch. Just as well, really, that I prefer sausage rolls and pork pies to chocolate buns, I guess. Every time I see an ant, I'm reminded of countless documentaries from my youth, waxing lyrical about how an ant can carry many times its own body weight. Right now, the evidence is being played out in front of me, so at least you can believe some of what you see on TV. Isn't nature a miraculous t... (more)

Transactions: the Lingua Franca of Computers…

The waves of IT, as they are often called to, are marked out reasonably accurately by languages. Starting almost at the beginning, take COBOL. With its love of uppercase characters, and overly restrictive attitude to what column the uppercase characters appear in - not to mention its extraordinary zeal for the full stop - COBOL has always struck me as a language for programmers to use to shout at computers. I guess that's a reasonable alternative to feeding them punched cards, or worse, flicking switches on a front panel - you can see why the original COBOL guys wanted to shout! ... (more)

Transactions, Suspension, and the Ticking Clock

This month's article is again inspired by a posting on the weblogic.developer.interest.transaction newsgroup. The question (excerpted from the posting) was: Does the 10 in weblogic-ejb-jar.xml apply to transactions that are in a suspended state? I have EJB1 (Container Managed/Required) that starts transaction T1 and does some work, then calls another EJB, EJB2 (Container Managed/NotSupported), which makes an interdomain T3 call. Since EJB2 is configured with NotSupported transaction attribute, transaction T1 is suspended for the tim... (more)

Application Environments, Migration, and Transactions

No, don't worry, it's not a a floor-wax/dessert-topping/toothpaste article this month; it's simply a look at how multilanguage application environments might be used together in highly distributed systems. Interested? Well, don't worry, somebody has to beS Swallow your pride and read on, MacDuff! Looking at the IT systems of most large organizations is often closely akin to going on a fossil hunt. You dig through the J2EE surface to find a strata of C++ code in the supporting layers. Dig a little deeper and you start finding relics of a bygone age when C and Unix ruled the world. ... (more)